Align with the leading restaurant marketing agency, with a 15 year legacy of success.

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Restaurant Marketing Management

Discover unparalleled success for your restaurant with What's On The Menu – your trusted partner for over 15 years. As the foremost leader in restaurant advertising, we continuously innovate, providing effective marketing tools tailored for success.

Unlock two compelling options for your restaurant's growth:

Full-Service Restaurant Marketing Management

Elevate your marketing strategy with our comprehensive management service. Let us be your dedicated marketing partner, seamlessly handling all responsibilities to drive results.

Customized Marketing

If a dedicated manager isn't in your plan, receive a tailored restaurant marketing strategy with support and exclusive access to elevate your restaurant.

Partner with What’s On The Menu for unparalleled marketing solutions that bring more diners through your doors. Let’s build success together!
Expertise in the Restaurant Industry

As the foremost authority in the industry, our experts pioneer innovative and unparalleled strategies for restaurant advertising.

Comprehensive Restaurant Success Plan

Empower your restaurant's success with our proven restaurant marketing strategies. Drive growth, revenue, and customer loyalty in evolving landscapes.

Increasing Customers and Revenue

For over a decade, our effective restaurant advertising formula has consistently brought in countless new customers and increased revenue for restaurants.

About What's On The Menu Ltd.

We Specialize Exclusively In Restaurant Success And Growth

With over a decade of unparalleled expertise, What's On The Menu stands as the undisputed leader in restaurant marketing and consultation. Our seasoned team of experts, solely dedicated to the restaurant industry, has consistently delivered proven results, leaving thousands of satisfied customers in our wake. We pride ourselves on being the architects of success stories, crafting innovative and effective marketing strategies tailored to each unique restaurant's needs. We believe in the power of local impact, ensuring that all our services are executed locally and not outsourced. With a legacy of excellence, we continue to lead the industry, offering a comprehensive approach that combines seasoned expertise with cutting-edge strategies, ultimately transforming restaurants into thriving success stories.
  • Restaurant Marketing Experts
  • Local Impact Strategies
  • Proven Results
  • Innovative Consultation
  • Tailored Strategies
  • Success Story Architects
Transform your restaurant's destiny with our exclusive Restaurant Success Plan. Our team of experts will develop a tailor-made and innovative strategy, keeping you ahead with the latest trends in marketing, branding, and customer loyalty
  • Increased Revenue Growth
  • Diner Acquisition & Loyalty
  • Complete Research & Analysis
  • Branding & Reputation Guidance
  • Service Excellence & Workforce Development
  • Exclusive Access to Our Network
Unlock the full potential of your restaurant with your dedicated Restaurant Marketing Director . Beyond crafting compelling and result driven marketing and branding strategies, this professional is open to assisting with various non-marketing tasks, ensuring a seamless operation. Leveraging their extensive network, they provide valuable connections that can elevate your restaurant's visibility. With a keen eye for negotiation and thorough research capabilities, they secure competitive pricing and partnerships. Expect regular, detailed reporting with insightful analysis, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns and make informed decisions. From cultivating brand loyalty to optimizing operational efficiency, your Restaurant Marketing Director is your key to success in the competitive culinary scene.
  • Creative Marketing Approaches
  • Result-Driven and Customer-Centric
  • Efficiency Enhancements and Expense Management
  • Research and Analytical Proficiency
  • Meticulous Organization and Problem Resolution
  • Competence in Compliance and Regulations

15 +

Years of Experience

Restaurant Success Services

Customized Marketing Plan
Customized Marketing Plan

Revolutionize your restaurant's success with our marketing plan-boosting profits, visibility, and engagement.

New Restaurant Opening
New Restaurant Opening

Ignite your culinary dreams into reality with our step-by-step opening assistance plan for a successful launch.

Restaurant Success Strategy
Restaurant Success Strategy

Transform your restaurant with a comprehensive plan, merging marketing, operations, and strategies for lasting growth.

Staff Sales & Marketing
Staff Sales & Marketing

Empower your staff with tools for customer growth, loyalty, and revenue using our sales and marketing guide.

Your trusted partner for diner acquisition and loyalty

Why Choose Us

Tailored & Progressive Solutions with Proven Results

We perform focused and comprehensive research and analysis to develop an effective and successful strategy.

We are constantly innovating one-of-a-kind restaurant marketing solutions exclusively available to our restaurant partners.

With a steadfast commitment to sustained growth, we pave the way for enduring success in restaurants.

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Tailored Success Plans

Investment Pricing For
Restaurant Success

Potential Revenue Calculation
Branding & Marketing Review
Online Reputation Assessment
In-Depth Menu Analysis
Tailored Marketing Strategy
Potential Revenue Calculation
Market Research & Analysis
Planning & Conceptualization
Pre-Launch & Opening
Branding & Marketing
Unselling Techniques
Customer Centric Approach
Time Management
Social Media Marketing
Menu Presentation
Restaurant Marketing Plan
Staff Sales & Marketing Training
Customer Segmentation
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Costs & Budgeting
Marketing Solutions- What's On The Menu

Enterprise Marketing Solutions

We’ve assembled a proficient team exclusively for our corporate-level clients, delivering custom success plans, strategic marketing approaches, and a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to an internal marketing department.

Would you like to tailor your restaurant strategy?

We have the expertise to personalize a detailed strategy for your restaurant, specifically tailored to your unique needs. A dedicated specialist will collaborate with you to formulate a successful plan.
Consultation - What's On The Menu
Enhanced Restaurant Social Media Marketing - What's On The Menu

Exclusive Restaurant Advertising Solutions

What’s On The Menu provides an extensive array of specialized restaurant marketing services, deliberately kept confidential to prevent competitors from replicating our unique offerings. These blend of innovative and traditional solutions have demonstrated success in fostering growth and cultivating a loyal customer base for restaurants. To explore these services, feel free to request access for a comprehensive review.

Our Exclusive Network of Resources

Tap into a network that’s not just exclusive – it’s a game-changer for your restaurant. Elevate your business, save time, save money, and welcome a wave of new customers through our incomparable resources.
Exclusive Network of Resources - What's On The Menu

Our Team of Experienced Experts

Our team is composed of a versatile group of professionals, each bringing expertise in different facets of the restaurant industry. This diverse and well-rounded team forms the foundation for effectively addressing the varied needs of restaurant owners.

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